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This is an image of our shop from the early 1920s. Behind the counter are, from left to right: an employee named Helen, John Florek, and Frances Florek. John and Frances were the first generation owners of our business, called Florek Jewelers at the time. Seated in the foreground is their daughter Louise.

The tables in the showroom are for the ice cream and sodas that Frances sold alongside the jewelry.

A Gem on Hertel!

Since being established in 1900, Korona Jewelry has served the Buffalo, NY area for generations. Located in the Hertel Avenue shopping district, our store is the longest running family owned jewelry store in Buffalo.

We, Joseph, Noreen and William Korona, are the current generations. We continue to be a family-owned, independent jewelry store. In our business we combine an old-fashioned love of quality materials and workmanship with the use of modern techniques and technology.

When you visit our shop, we want you to feel comfortable and welcome and have an easy, stress free experience. Whether restoring a treasured family heirloom or replacing a battery, Korona Jewelry provides highly trained, professional, and courteous service you can trust.

About Us:

Our History:

With well over a century of operation behind us, Korona Jewelry has a rich history here in Buffalo. Prior to moving to Hertel Ave. in 2004, we were located in the same storefront on Amherst St. for 88 years. 2016 marked our 100th year in Buffalo, and we couldn't be prouder of our community and heritage.


Our business began in the year 1900 as Florek Jewelers, opened by watchmaker John Florek, who had emigrated from Poland to New Jersey. John and his family moved to Buffalo 15 years later, and we've lived and worked here ever since.


Florek Jewelry became Florek-Korona Jewelry in the 1950’s after it was passed down to daughter Rose and her husband Joseph Korona, later shortened to Korona Jewelry. It is currently owned and operated by Joseph Jr, his wife Noreen, and their son William.

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